Extreme Mazes Book 5

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EXTREME MAZES: Brain-twisting challenges unlike any maze books on the market! Solve mazes within original illustrations of science labs, submarines, spaghetti and more! Some mazes cover 10" x 15" fold-out pages!
TOYS THAT TEACH: MindWare’s Extreme Maze books are one of the best tools for kids to practice high-level cognitive skills such as spatial awareness, patience, planning and hand-eye-coordination.
CHALLENGING PUZZLES: Each book has 23 unique puzzles, each designed as an exciting challenge for both kids and adults! These reproducible puzzles can even be enjoyed in a classroom setting!
COLLECT THEM ALL: Book 5 of Extreme Mazes is the first in a series of fantastic creative maze books! Collect the whole set to use as great quiet-time activities for a classroom, a road trip or a long winter break!

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