Jeopardy! Card Game

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“What is Jeopardy?!” It’s the intelligent quiz show we’ve loved for decades, now in an easy-to-play card game that you can enjoy at home. No Alex? No problem! You control the categories, and you control the board! For some categories like “world history” and “Shakespeare,” you’ll have to think like an academic, but for others like “hot stuff” and “before & after,” who knows what you’ll have to answer! The game intensifies as it goes on because successive questions are worth more and more points. Jeopardy is portable, so it’s easy to take with anywhere. Includes 56 clue cards, 20 category cards, and 54 game cards. Ages 12+. 

2-4 Player

Ages 12+

Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 4
Manufacturer Suggested Ages: 12+
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