The Black Hack

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New expanded Second Edition rules now include a wealth of extra material and tools for every Black Hack GM. The main rules still only take up 30 pages, but the full edition adds over 90 more pages of NPCs, monsters, dungeons, traps, magic items and much more.

This hard back edition features stitched binding, a matt laminated soft-touch cover and a ribbon bookmark.

The Black Hack is a super-streamlined roleplaying game that uses the Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying Game as a base, and could well be the most straightforward modern OSR compatible clone available. If speed of play and character creation, compatibility, and simple - yet elegant rules are what you yearn for. Look no further!

The Black Hack is a fast playing game and the rules can be picked up in minutes.


Staff Recommendation

"The Black Hack is an angry little punk of a tabletop RPG. Quick and dirty, you can collect a gang of Fighters, Thieves, Clerics, and Wizards with a few rolls of the dice and you're ready to delve some dungeons, split some skulls, and take some treasure.


The ruleset prioritizes fast and interesting rules with a d20 roll-under system that makes every skill check just *that much faster* than targeting DCs. With simple spellcasting, an armor system that I steal for almost every game I run, and a wonderfully organized ruleset, this game is a treat to play and I've only covered the first half of the book!


The second half is for GMs/DMs/Referees and it is a smorgasbord of useful tools. From quick custom monsters, to dungeon geomorphs, to loot tables, to hexcrawls, to towns and NPCs, this tight little book gives more utility in 125 hand-held pages than D&D 5E can fit in hundreds of pages across three letter-sized books.


If you’re looking for something meatier, I might suggest D&D 5E, Pathfinder, or Genesys. If you’re looking for something that hews even closer to old-school sensibilities, the Old School Essentials black box is an absolute gem. Other quite accessible roleplaying games include Cats of Catthulhu, Blades in the Dark, and Fiasco.


18+ contains adult content."

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