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Turn is a slice-of-life, rural supernatural roleplaying game for three to six people. Players are shapeshifters in a small, rural town--able to turn into animals like raccoons, cougars, and bears. They must balance their human lives and habits with their beast lives and instincts, while pursuing acceptance and community with other shifters - and with the mundane humans and beasts that populate the town. Players and the Town Manager build their town together using a unique town building system, and create the characters who populate it and the wilderness around it. Turn uses the Script Change toolbox to support player comfort and consent, and explores themes of identity, community, self care, and otherness.

If you are a marginalized creator or an organization that supports marginalized individuals and unable to afford a copy of Turn, email [email protected] and if a hard copy is available they will send one to you. If no hard copies are available, they will still send a PDF.

Find Script Change at briebeau.com/scriptchange.

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